Bathsheba Debuts Her first Album “ ALL Of ME” on Top Streaming Platforms

The song will be available on all major streaming platforms to mark Batsheba’s entry into the music scene. Bathsheba Tolbert, who goes by the name Bathsheba, will release her debut album titled “ALL OF ME” on April 5th, 2024. The album will be available on various streaming platforms including YouTube, Amazon Music, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora, TikTok, and many others. Bathsheba started singing professionally and on television at the age of 21, and despite facing personal challenges such as a difficult marriage and divorce, she emerged as a symbol of strength and inspiration. Bathsheba is passionate about music and fashion and is committed to inspiring and uplifting over 500,000 followers on her social media platforms. Her goal is to offer a safe place for women to understand their worth, feel empowered, and find their community. Bathsheba’s message to her followers is simple: “You are a queen, and it doesn’t matter what others say about you; what matters is what you think of yourself.” Her single “Ain’t Nothing Wrong” is an anthem of freedom, empowerment, and sisterhood that encourages listeners to pursue their dreams. This single is a sneak peek into Bathsheba’s upcoming album, “All Me,” which will also be produced by Aaron Pearce, a Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum producer who has worked with artists such as Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Jill Scott. Bathsheba specializes in R&B and pop music and cites Barbra Streisand and Whitney Houston as her musical influences. She has previously contributed background vocals on international television and performed as a featured artist on Richard Roberts Live. Bathsheba Tolbert is a singer and influencer based in Las Vegas. She has been singing since she was five years old and comes from a musically talented family. She holds a degree in music from Oral Roberts University and has already been featured on national television at the age of 21. Through her music and platform, she aims to empower women, helping them find their voice and their community.

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